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Intelligent Anti-theft Wallet Volterman Review

If you have not been stolen by conscienceless theft, please raise your hand, congratulations!You are really an exception!

Because there are always a group of persons, who are present in the crowded and noisy places like subway, bus station and canteen regardless of wind or rain with devotion to their work. Their ultimate target is the wallet or mobile phone in your pocket.

Losing the wallet is already very depressing, but is is even more depressing to go through formality reapplying for various credit cards. It is most dreadful that the lawbreaker will commit wrongdoing making use of your information.It is mentally tiring. For this, Volterman has launched a functionally powerful intelligent anti-theft wallet. In terms of security, it is rated the first, and nothing can rival it.

Can you imagine that your wallet is equipped with 512MB RAM and built-n camera, and can serve as WiFi hotspot?

The Volterman wallet is both physically attracting and functionally powerful.The wallet has three models, with built-in 2000mAh, 2600mAh, 5000mAh portable power respectively. Meanwhile, it supports wired and wireless battery charging. Despite the multiple functions, it is lightweight with quality material.

The global wifi hotspot of Volterman can ensure safety access to internet anywhere and anytime, and the rate for internet access is 3 times cheaper than normal roaming charge, convenient for people travelling or on business trip.

The wallet has built-in two-way bluetooth alarming system. When the wallet is lost, the mobile phone will give alarm. When the mobile phone is lost, the wallet will give “buzzing” alarm. The mobile phone and wallet are both needed!

With GPS function, and a built-in invisible pinhole camera, when the wallet is lost and opened by somebody, the camera will automatically take photos and send them to mobile phone of user.

It is said that the wallet’s leather shares the same supplier with LouisVuitton, and the internal circuit board is sealed by epoxy resin sealant, enduring the rolling pressure of the vehicle.

Isn’t the wallet which is theftproof, rechargeable, and equipped with WiFi very functional?

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